Tuesday, March 22, 2016

My Little Curly through the Seasons

I told you I'd been drawing up a storm. Here's another one. This one goes with the My Little Curly series. Again, my lovely mother-in-law was gracious enough to be my guinea pig and test these images out for me. These are 2 in what will eventually be a series of 4 based on the 4 seasons.

Brisk Autumn
 Brisk Autumn is covered with a collection of fall leaves turning and blowing in the wind as they do on a brisk autumn day. His powerful gallop gives credence to that wind as we horsemen know that horses love the brisk autumn days to act full of oats.

Catch the Cold
Catch the Cold is full of whimsy and fun as this little filly sticks her tongue out to catch a snowflake falling during a snow storm. Her body is covered by similar snowflakes while her tail is flipped over her back showing the cold weather her sass. As a Curly Horse, she'll never be caught in the cold though since her dense coat insulates her from all but the most wet chill.

These images are available as well as many others from the My Little Curly series (more will be forth-coming for your viewing pleasure - I've drawn close to 100) upon request. Please contact me via email or comment below if you are interested. 

As always, requests for horses, flowers, or almost anything based on a photograph (even if I have to find it myself) will be considered. Just drop me a line, and I'll let you know what I can do for you.

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