Friday, March 25, 2016

Console Jesus on this Good Friday

As a Penance for my sins after one Reconciliation, I was told to read the book "Consoling the Heart of Jesus" one short section at a time. I finally finished the book and as I was nearing the end, I drew an image of this crucifix and added these words. They are ever so meaningful on this day - Good Friday.

Here is my colored version, followed by a free coloring book version.

The :"I Thirst" line is a summation of one of Jesus's last words. That was when He was given the bitter gall and wine to drink. According to the book, "Consoling the Heart of Jesus", Blessed Mother Teresa had a crucifix with those words in all the rooms in her houses. I added the "Console Me" to remind myself that even though we often only think of God as our cosmic bubble gum machine, God wants us to console Him by accepting His love and mercy. When we close our hearts to His love, mercy, and forgiveness we are not just hurting ourselves, we are also making those agonizing hours Christ spent on the cross worse because we become part of the jeering, spitting, hateful crowd there just to watch Him suffer and die. However, when we look towards Him with love in our eyes, wishing to console Him through His suffering and simply be with Him, We take a measure of the burning love from His heart and it creates a reduction of His suffering. Just as Mary and the disciple Jesus loved stood at the foot of the cross attending Jesus's humiliation and suffering, so too can we and let Him know we love him with that same abandon.

Let us resolve, through this Year of Mercy to open our hearts to God's mercy in all its forms - especially those that are most difficult to understand. Yet, we don't have to understand, we simply have to let go and let God lead us by the hand we trustingly give to Him.

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