Monday, March 21, 2016

Alpine Edelweis

I've been drawing up a storm - in the My Little Curly series, in the Catholic series, and in the Garden series. Some all-new drawings have entered the realm, but older drawings are being given new life as they receive new treatment with details. Both the My Little Curly and Catholic drawings are being given details from the Garden series as well as with specially designed patterns.

I've also been giving out some drawings to family members interested in coloring various pictures. I've gotten one set back and will be sharing the results here so you can see the designs available. Here's the first edition (and only right now) from the garden.

Edelweiss drawn by Erika M Vandiver
The drawing is actually of Edelweiss flowers. They are irregularly shaped alpine flowers that are typically white with yellow centers and very fuzzy/hairy. However, coloring white flowers would be rather boring, so my mother-in-law took artistic license and did a beautiful job on these. It is said that in the mountainous regions of Germany, Austria, and other countries with these flowers that a young man serious about his 'girl' would climb the mountains to find one of these blooms as a sign of his love and fidelity to her. Whether this is absolutely true or not, is up to each man and woman with their own gift of Edelweiss.

I have 2 versions of this flower available at the moment. The one you see that is a single clump as well as a whole page of these clumps. I plan on creating another that is a combination of the 2 with this larger clump on a background of the smaller 'field' of flowers.

Please contact me via email or comment below if you would be interested in a *.pdf or *.jpg version of this flower's pages.

You can also contact me with requests for other flowers, animals, or almost anything else you would like drawn from a photograph, even if I have to find it myself.

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