Sunday, November 1, 2015

All Saints and All Souls Day

Well, I'd intended to have a great celebration this All Saints' day with Simon's First Holy Communion, but a hateful stomach virus forced a postponement until November 8, 2015. However, I will instead let you celebrate with this drawing of the Saints and Souls celebrating Mass in Heaven and on Earth with us. Hopefully you will enjoy it!

I have many more Catholic themed drawings I will be making available for purchase. I will also draw to order if you have a particular image you would like. Additionally, I have the My Little Curly series, heavy equipment (cars/vehicles), and I'm starting a flower series. 

Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy First Communion, Simon!

My little boy has his First Holy Communion this Sunday. He is so excited he can hardly contain himself. In honor of his big days I'm going to have some of my Eucharist themed coloring pages available for free. These have been used in an First Holy Communion workbook that uses the text of the St Joseph Catechism. Well, I had planned to put the images here, but my iPad had other ideas. Safari and my BlogDocs app both refuse to let me add them. So instead I'm going to link to the Benedict Catholic Creations Facebook page with them on it. While you're there you can like my page and stay current there too! Hopefully I'll get my app problems fixed and be able to post the images on the blog shortly. I had a migraine today, so I was unable to think my way around it.

UPDATE: I finally got on the laptop to add the images to this post. Hopefully you can enjoy them. We had to postpone my son's First Holy Communion due to the dreaded stomach virus striking him, his sister, and both my parents as well as other members of the family. We are going forward with it next Sunday, November 8!

Angels adoring the True Presence in the Monstrance
Chalice and Host with wheat and grapes with IHS

Boy praying in front of Chalice and Host
Chalice and Host

Girl praying in front of Chalice and Host

Monday, October 26, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Here are 2 samples of the series I call 'My Little Curly' for Halloween. I have about 60 of them at this point and plan to offer them for individual sale and as a coloring book collection. I'm still searching for a good app to convert the JPEG files to PDF files. Constant ideas for more horses in the series flit through my mind, so check back here often if you're interested in this series. Without further ado...

Thursday, October 22, 2015

I'm a terrible blogger!

I'm an awful blogger. I never seem to think about blogging. I'd much rather sleep it seems. No, really, the time I have that I could be blogging is usually spent on my iPad drawing or even playing iPad games. Lately drawing has taken a huge amount of my time. I embarked on another new journey to illustrate a First Communion coloring/work book with another woman named Erika. Besides doing that we've gotten Rachel a Curly horse and started a new school year. I'm working on a series of drawings called My Little Curly for Rachel. They are whimsical horse drawings that highlight the curls of her new horse in a fun way while still remaining true to anatomy and traditional horse disciplines. I have also been drawing heavy equipment for Simon - tractors, excavators, monster trucks, etc. I'm going to use this page for my Catholic drawings as well as the My Little Curly series and the Equipment series. However, right now all that is under construction. Please contact me via email if you're interested in seeing some of my work. I post some on Facebook for free, but will be trying to generate a small amount of recompense for others here. Thanks for reading!

Friday, April 24, 2015

New Beginning!

Hello there! This is a new beginning. I'm not great at keeping up with my blogs, but I hope to do better with this one, since this is everyday life.The 2014-2015 has been the kiddos and my first real year homeschooling.

Simon has been in 1st grade and Rachel in Kindergarten level books for this year. We haven't been using a set curriculum, more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of thing. They've both progressed wonderfully. Actually I didn't realize until early April that they both completed reading books (by Seton) for the school-year ahead. We've done tons of Catholic, science, craft, German, history, and other random learning things that are too numerous to count.

This blog is going to be a repository for some of the things I come up with for the kiddos when I don't particularly like what is offered elsewhere on the he blogosphere and internet. I've developed my own set of worksheets, handwriting pages, coloring pages, drawings, and explanations for things that my kiddos like quite well. Yours might too. I'm also a seller on Teachers Pay Teachers so I plan to offer things there both for sale and as freebies. If you like the looks of things here, please share with other like minded families!