Thursday, October 22, 2015

I'm a terrible blogger!

I'm an awful blogger. I never seem to think about blogging. I'd much rather sleep it seems. No, really, the time I have that I could be blogging is usually spent on my iPad drawing or even playing iPad games. Lately drawing has taken a huge amount of my time. I embarked on another new journey to illustrate a First Communion coloring/work book with another woman named Erika. Besides doing that we've gotten Rachel a Curly horse and started a new school year. I'm working on a series of drawings called My Little Curly for Rachel. They are whimsical horse drawings that highlight the curls of her new horse in a fun way while still remaining true to anatomy and traditional horse disciplines. I have also been drawing heavy equipment for Simon - tractors, excavators, monster trucks, etc. I'm going to use this page for my Catholic drawings as well as the My Little Curly series and the Equipment series. However, right now all that is under construction. Please contact me via email if you're interested in seeing some of my work. I post some on Facebook for free, but will be trying to generate a small amount of recompense for others here. Thanks for reading!

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