Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy First Communion, Simon!

My little boy has his First Holy Communion this Sunday. He is so excited he can hardly contain himself. In honor of his big days I'm going to have some of my Eucharist themed coloring pages available for free. These have been used in an First Holy Communion workbook that uses the text of the St Joseph Catechism. Well, I had planned to put the images here, but my iPad had other ideas. Safari and my BlogDocs app both refuse to let me add them. So instead I'm going to link to the Benedict Catholic Creations Facebook page with them on it. While you're there you can like my page and stay current there too! Hopefully I'll get my app problems fixed and be able to post the images on the blog shortly. I had a migraine today, so I was unable to think my way around it.

UPDATE: I finally got on the laptop to add the images to this post. Hopefully you can enjoy them. We had to postpone my son's First Holy Communion due to the dreaded stomach virus striking him, his sister, and both my parents as well as other members of the family. We are going forward with it next Sunday, November 8!

Angels adoring the True Presence in the Monstrance
Chalice and Host with wheat and grapes with IHS

Boy praying in front of Chalice and Host
Chalice and Host

Girl praying in front of Chalice and Host

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