Saturday, March 26, 2016

Jesus Conquers All

This is Holy Saturday. Technically, until tonight's vigil Mass at dark, the churches across the world remain empty and barren without Jesus in the Tabernacle in the Most Holy Sacrament of His Body and Blood. The altar is barren of even the altar cloths. Until tonight, we are in dark times because Jesus is dead and the beloved Apostles were in shock and hiding. However, we know the rest of the story as dearly departed Paul Harvey would have said. We know that tonight, the stone will be rolled away from the tomb and Jesus will rise triumphant. The women will arrive at the tomb only to be flabbergasted at the sight of the figure in white sitting on the stone. When they return to the Apostles, Peter and John (the beloved apostle) race to the tomb as well. Peter, although he denied Jesus three times, doesn't hesitate as John does. He barges right into the tomb to see the rolled up cloths and empty space. When the angel tells them Jesus is not among the dead, but among the living they don't waste time asking questions, they simply run from the scene to excitedly share the news with the others. We know that in a few days Jesus appears in the locked room and greets them and breaks bread with them. He continues to surprise them in similar ways for 40 days until they are convinced and strong enough to do without His physical presence. Yet, He knows they still need something more. So He sends the Paraclete - the Holy Spirit - to fill their humble hearts and souls with knowledge far beyond their intellect and power. Truly, from the humiliation and agony of the false trial, scourging, and crucifixion, Jesus truly conquers death with His Resurrection, Ascension, and bestowal of the Holy Spirit.  
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