Monday, April 11, 2016

Belated FMF: Whole

It's almost been a whole school year for the kiddos and I and our new curriculum-based homeschooling. I'm pleased to say that we have 'closed the books' on several subjects already. My dyslexic 1st grader is already reading her first 2nd grade reading book for next year. My math-whiz 2nd grader is eating fractions and measurements for breakfast, lunch, and dinner while asking for more. Really, things couldn't be better as far as our progress.

But why, oh why, do I feel so overwhelmed all the time? I feel like I'm 2 steps behind most of the time-even though the books and my kiddos well-educated selves tell the story. I can't wait for the whole year to be finished. The 185 day required by the state seems like an endless time that will never be finished. Yet, it was just today that the kiddos and I lost track of time because were chatting about religion. 

On the whole, we're doing well... It just can't be done soon enough for this mom! Stop.

I'm a little late joining the party, but some bloggers around the blogosphere are participating in "Five-Minute Fridays" with an assigned topic and the titled 5-minute timeline. Since I can't ever do anything on time, I'm running behind, but I plan on trying to participate in this link-up party. FMF writers at Kate Motaung's blog. What a fun way to challenge your writing!

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