Monday, April 11, 2016

Belated 5-Minute Friday: Decide

Well, here I am. Pondering this blank page trying to decide what I'm doing. I'm obviously filling the page with words, but do they make sense? Are they worthy of your time and attention? Do I have anything to 'say' that you want or need to 'hear'? Probably not, however, that doesn't change my decision. 

Today, in my homeschooling, I told my children that God knew their choices before they actually decided what path to take. I tried to emphasize that God didn't dictate their choices--the choices are always still up to free will. However, since God is all knowing and outside of time, He knows 'before' we decide what our decision will be and what effect that decision will have even years down the road. I'm not sure they understood, but they're young yet, so they still have time to hear it repeatedly.

The other day I came to a decision in another sphere of my life. I decided to continue on what some might call a semi-destructive path for someone with physical issues like mine--continued interaction with my ill-trained horse. But I have no more time to share that decision process with you. So perhaps that will be later. Stop.

I'm a little late joining the party, but some bloggers around the blogosphere are participating in "Five-Minute Fridays" #FMF with an assigned topic and the titled 5-minute timeline. Since I can't ever do anything on time, I'm running behind, but I plan on trying to participate in this link-up party. FMF writers at Kate Motaung's blog. What a fun way to challenge your writing!

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